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Common sense recruitment

All companies encounter issues with recruitment.

EKOO has taken the time to identify the barriers that prevent candidates and employers meeting each other, in order to rebuild a recruitment process that allows a genuine exchange, whilst guaranteeing an effective match between a candidate and the role to be filled.

This different way of recruiting results of three types of service:

EKOO looks out for you

Build a candidate pool

Recommendation of appropriate profiles already qualified in the EKOO pool

EKOO takes care of everything


a profile

From defining the need to ensuring the success of the on-boarding, via a unique way of sourcing

EKOO works with you

Improve your method

One on one tailored advice to improve your recruitment process in a disruptive way

preventing recruitment
to recruit differently
Management posture
Recruitment seen as a manager prerogative no longer responds to the stakes of developing team engagement
Collective intelligence
The team becomes involved in each step of the recruitment process
Job description
Rigid and theoretical, it describes in detail the ideal profile to “fill” the position
Role description
Closer to the operational reality, this invites candidates to “incarnate” a role in a given context
CV filtering
The CV reduces candidates to their acquired competencies and past experiences
New filter
Tailored to the need, to assess the potential or motivation, whilst improving the candidate's experience
Partner of daring companies

From SMEs to startups, EKOO provides a service in line with both operational and strategic realities, in order to build learning organisations.

Recruitment is no longer simply about fulfilling a position, but also a broader approach that develops company culture.

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