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Take the time to meet

EKOO brings recruitment back to basics: meeting one another.

A genuine exchange between a company and a candidate, between a team and a future colleague, between a professional and their new role in the company.

It therefore makes sense to use a method of recruitment without CV.

Recruitment without CV

The candidate experience is at the heart of the EKOO approach:

The promise is simple: everyone who sends a 5 minute video to present themselves is met.
Before the first exchange, EKOO shares a video to present the member of the team being met.
Active listening
The first meeting is not an interview, but well and truly an exchange, a moment to share.
During this discussion, three points are discussed: career, aspirations, and ways of working.
This open exchange, not associated to a particular position or company, allows to explore all the possibilities in terms of career opportunities.
To start the adventure:
En complétant ce formulaire, vous faites votre premier pas dans le vivier EKOO, et recevez par email la démarche à suivre si vous souhaitez nous transmettre votre vidéo de présentation.
I am interested in:
I am looking for:
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