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Disrupting recruitment

"I decided to go against the flow,

because I couldn’t go against my heart"

photo Julie

After more than 12 years of experience in HR and project management in different types of companies (large groups, consultancies, startup incubator, SME), in France and abroad, I decided to found EKOO to find a way through:


At a time when everything is becoming digital, the innovations around recruitment are many: digital solutions to evaluate profiles, multi-channel transmission of job openings, development of the employer brand..

I am strongly convinced that recruitment will always remain an activity where human added value can never be replaced by artificial intelligence.

Tools can help, but they must be at the service of the recruiter and the candidate, not the other way around.

To face the challenges of recruitment, us recruiters should strengthen our competencies, and also our posture.

Well-being at work

We spend a huge part of our lives at work, and this is not going to change any time soon… so it’s essential to ensure that the work environment in which people evolve is adapted to them.

A lack of well-being at work is rarely due to not being competent in the role, but more often linked to not feeling well in the work environment.

Recruitment needs to evolve in order to give more priority to the balance between the culture of the company and the aspirations of its people, as well as their ways of working.

Search for meaning

All generations, Z as much as X, have in common a profound sense of need to contribute to something big, to feel useful, and to develop themselves.

Recruitment with CVs does not make sense anymore: candidates don’t want to be recruited for what they already know what to do, they want above all to contribute to a professional project that inspires them, in a team in which they feel comfortable, even if they need to learn new skills.

There is an increasing need for alignment: to be ourselves, the same person at work as outside. Companies that know how to welcome this authenticity will be those that inspire confidence.

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